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Our Process

Drafting Methodology – Drafting Outsourcing Services

We use an ISO certified process. The method we employ is heads up conversion and thus all final products are to scale and draft perfect with no broken entities. Our technicians convert simple graphic file formats (.pdf, .jpg, .tiff etc) into usable and editable drafted formats (dwg, dxf, dgn, etc.). We prepare drafts are as per your own standards or as per the prevalent International standards. Layers, line type, dimension style, text style, standard block, etc. are maintained in the conversion.

First, we find out what your drafting standards and specifications are, and then our human operators drawn your paper or raster files just like you want them to be. Our project managers review the conversion work done before delivering the files to you to ensure that all your demands are met.

We excel in providing conversions from:

The main features we provide are:

Creating a new Block Library

Quality Control

To ensure that the transfer of media into a digital format has ran as planned we undergo rigorous quality control of our work, checking all aspects of the scan for problems or errors and fixing any we find to deliver the best possible standard of work for the client at hand.


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