Our Process

1 Analyse clients requirements. We can update or standardise drawings, or draw them from stratch. We can also convert drawings from any CAD format to another.
2 Receive drawing from client. We can except drawings in hard or soft copy.
3 Give the client a price estimation and time frame, based on the complexity of the drawing.
4 Carry out the project to the clients requirements. We can work with many different drafting formats including drafting Microstation, Vectorworks, Revit, Autodesk Map 3D, Map Info, Arc View, Arc GIS,    Arc Info, Arc SDE, Terrasolid, Erdas Imagine, Global Mapper, Stadd Pro, CAD Duct Solid, EPABS,    Hevacomp, Tecla, CAD RC, Rapt, Navisworks, 3ds Max, Alias, Inventor, and many others.
5 Completed work will then be quality checked by our senior drafting Manager to ensure accuracy.
6 Drafted files and client’s originals returned to client electronically or by DVD/External Hard Drive.

Drafting Methodology – Drafting Outsourcing Services

We use an ISO certified process. The method we employ is heads up conversion and thus all final products are to scale and draft perfect with no broken entities. Our technicians convert simple graphic file formats (.pdf, .jpg, .tiff etc) into usable and editable drafted formats (dwg, dxf, dgn, etc.). We prepare drafts are as per your own standards or as per the prevalent International standards. Layers, line type, dimension style, text style, standard block, etc. are maintained in the conversion.

First, we find out what your drafting standards and specifications are, and then our human operators drawn your paper or raster files just like you want them to be. Our project managers review the conversion work done before delivering the files to you to ensure that all your demands are met.

We excel in providing conversions from:

  • Paper drawings to autocad, microstation or vectorworks to finished drafts.
  • Image ( jpeg, bmp, tiff, etc. . .) to finished draft
  • Raster to vector.
  • Autocad to microstation.
  • Microstation to finished draft.
  • Vectorworks to finished draft.
  • Microstation to vektorworks.
  • Vectorworks to finished drafts.

The main features we provide are:

  • Respecting the chain of dimensions; marking the dimensions that do not fit.
  • Distribution of objects in their corresponding layers, based on the understanding of many types of drawings.
  • Respecting geometrical relations such as perpendicularity, parallelism, symmetry etc.
  • Careful control of type of entities used in the drawing.
  • Respecting requested drawing accuracy.
  • Providing the same layout for all drawings.
  • Using the customer’s own block library or building a new one.

Creating a new block library includes :

  • Using the customer’s paper catalogue, if any, or constructing a new catalogue while processing the drawings.
  • A unique name for each symbol following an agreed rule.
  • Natural insertion positioning of blocks for easy of usage.
  • A scheme of standard dimensions (if applicable), to make symbols interchangeable.
  • Use of attributes.
  • Modular structure to minimize the number of symbols (if applicable).
  • Optimal use of entities to keep files size to a minimum.
  • We make your blueprints 100 % usable in a new format.

Quality Control

To ensure that the transfer of media into a digital format has ran as planned we undergo rigorous quality control of our work, checking all aspects of the scan for problems or errors and fixing any we find to deliver the best possible standard of work for the client at hand.

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